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More than 20 million Americans wrestle with substance abuse disorders (SUDs). At first glance, getting help seems like it should be easy. There are, after all, approximately 15,000 treatment centers nationwide.

For many adults with SUDs, however, the vast number of options only makes getting help harder. Too many facilities feature the same cookie-cutter programs and high patient-to-staff ratios. This can leave patients feeling as if real help is nowhere to be found.

Luxury rehab centers offer a unique and powerful alternative. Keep reading to learn if luxury addiction treatment might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Why Standard Rehab Programs Don’t Work

Most standard drug treatment centers rely on the same practices and policies. In both in-patient and out-patient centers patients usually find:

  • The same generic, one-size-fits-all program options
  • Mandatory group therapy sessions 
  • High patient-to-staff ratios
  • Mandatory 12-step programs
  • Shared rooms

These centers do offer much-needed services such as medically-supervised detox and counseling. Some may even provide “extras.” For example, gym facilities, holistic therapies like yoga, and quality aftercare plans.

For many patients, however, these facilities simply aren’t a good fit. Patients commonly express frustration with:

  • A lack of privacy to work through difficult challenges
  • The uncomfortably impersonal environment
  • The stress of sharing living space with a stranger
  • The difficulty of following rigid schedules and routines that are not a good fit for them
  • Inadequate attention and support from staff
  • Lack of access to their families, jobs, and the outside world during treatment

Patients with comorbid conditions may face special challenges. Many centers are only equipped to address one aspect of their total situation.

For example, a standard rehab center may treat only alcohol addiction. It may be unable to properly handle or help patients who also have SUDs or mental health concerns.

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury treatment centers offer many of the same services as their standard counterparts. They provide:

But that is where the similarities end. What makes luxury drug rehab centers unique? In addition to those basic services, they provide:

  • Privacy and security
  • Comfortable surroundings
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • High levels of attention and support
  • A full range of supportive holistic therapies

Together, these services give patients the support they need to recover and thrive.

Privacy and Security

Many patients fear that seeking treatment will negatively impact their jobs, families, or social lives. Luxury rehab centers provide safety and discretion. This can make treatment viable for even the highest-profile patients.

Comfortable Surroundings

Stress can be a trigger for addictive behavior. Stressful rehab environments often make it extremely difficult for patients to actively and fully engage with treatment. 

Luxury treatment centers directly combat this by providing 5-star accommodations. Patients enjoy amenities such as gourmet meals, spas treatments, and private access to the beauty of nature. This allows them to step away from the stress-related triggers in their lives.

Patients can then wholly dedicate themselves to recovery. This consistently leads to better outcomes.  

Individualized Plans and Attention

Luxury addiction treatment doesn’t use the cookie-cutter approaches that standard rehab centers rely on. Patients are not forced into programs that don’t suit them. Instead, doctors and therapists create individualized programs for each patient. 

These programs take into account all of a patient’s conditions and their specific circumstances. Patients then work with staff one-on-one or in small groups. Treatment can be tailored to meet patients’ exact needs.

Patients’ personalized programs can then be transitioned into aftercare programs. This makes it easy for patients to continue receiving vital support as they move back into their regular lives post-treatment. That support enables them to maintain the progress and success achieved through treatment. 

Holistic Therapies

Luxury rehab centers offer a range of holistic therapies that can significantly enhance patients’ rehab experience. These may include individual and group activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding
  • Meditation
  • Yoga 
  • Exercise equipment and classes
  • Opportunities to explore or spend time in nature
  • Massage therapy

Together with delicious, nutrient-dense meals prepared by expert chefs, these therapies can help patients refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits. They can help patients:

  • Reduce their stress
  • Find new and positive ways to handle stress
  • Rebuild bodily strength and balance

For many patients, these therapies can carry over and become key pieces of their aftercare plans. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Luxury Rehab Center

Not all luxury drug rehab centers are the same. It is important to choose a facility that is well-suited to your particular needs. When selecting a facility, there are several key things you should look for.

Medically-Supported Detox Services

Make sure that any facility you are considering offers medically-supported detox services appropriate to your needs. The rehab center should be able to assist you in detoxing from any and all substances you struggle with in a safe and comfortable environment. If necessary, they should be able to provide medical maintenance, as well. 

Evidence-Based Therapies Delivered by Certified Practitioners 

Choose a facility that is offering evidence-based therapies and treatment. This includes physical and mental health therapies, as well as trauma-informed care. These therapies are the safest, most appropriate, and most effective.

Similarly, verify that the facility employs qualified and experienced medical and therapeutic personnel. Good-quality facilities will be happy to provide you with this information if they do not already clearly advertise it in their published materials. Also, confirm that you will receive an individualized treatment plan that combines these therapies in a way that is ideal for you.

Holistic Therapy Offerings 

Choosing a luxury rehab center that offers horseback riding but does not have a pool is useless if you hate horses but love to swim. Make sure that you review the center’s offerings and choose a facility whose holistic therapy options align with your personal needs and preferences. If spirituality is important to you, be sure to inquire about the spiritual aspect of available treatments. 


Some patients do best when they completely remove themselves from their regular lives and “get away.” Other patients find that being near their family and friends better supports their healing. Carefully consider which is most appropriate for you. 

Finding the Right Rehab for You 

Rehab Luxury understands the importance of finding the right luxury rehab center for your personal needs. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get the information and support that you need. Contact us or learn more about the evidence-based treatments we offer today.  

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

Dr Ashley

Medical Reviewer

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Dr Ashley Murray obtained her MBBCh Cum Laude in 2016. She currently practices in the public domain in South Africa. She has an interest in medical writing and has a keen interest in evidence-based medicine.

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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