What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab

Luxury inpatient rehab facilities provide far more assistance than some of the lesser-intensive options. If you have a severe addiction, have relapsed before, or are fully committed to getting sober for once and for all, inpatient treatment is right for you. Let’s take a look at everything you can expect from an inpatient luxury rehab center.

24/7 Medical and Psychiatric Support

Two of the biggest battles people face when they first get sober are their physical withdrawal symptoms and intense drug cravings. Without the right support and medical care, many people will give into these symptoms and continue using drugs or alcohol. When patients attend an inpatient rehab center, they have access to 24/7 care and support. Having support this readily available makes inpatient treatment a much better option than outpatient care because patients will have help no matter what time of the day they need it.

Highly Structured Living

Structure is important for healthy living and addiction often destroys all sense of structure. Plus, the more structure people have in early recovery, the less downtime they will have to think about using drugs or alcohol.

Inpatient rehab centers are best equipped to provide highly-structured environments. Patients at luxury treatment programs will find the balance between counseling, self-care, and forming relationships. By having this kind of structure and assimilating to life without drugs, patients can learn how to prioritize tasks and live free without being tied to the bondage of addiction.

Access to a Healthy Nutrition Plan

One often overlooked aspect of recovery is the need for a healthy diet. Many people who struggle with addiction will have prioritized their drug or alcohol use over their diet, so some may suffer from nutritional deficiencies or other symptoms related to diet. As a result, when getting sober, your body might be in dire need of essential vitamins and minerals.

Luxury inpatient rehab centers have nutritionists on staff who can identify your dietary needs and help you create a diet that works for you. As your body begins to adjust and get healthier, you’ll notice fewer withdrawal symptoms, improved mental health, and more stable moods. All of these things will help improve your recovery and your life overall.

Inpatient Rehab Offers a Setting Removed from Triggers

Another major reason why people struggle to get sober on their own is that they are still exposed to their old lifestyle. They might still have access to drugs or alcohol or struggle to deal with triggers at home that make them want to get high or drink. Getting sober sometimes requires cutting ties from certain people, places, and things.

Residential treatment programs require patients to live at the facility so there is no chance of them being exposed to their old environments. Even if patients leave the treatment center for a group outing, they will still be supervised. At the end of the day, patients return to their rooms where they will not have access to mood or mind-altering substances. Once patients get into the habit of not centering their days around substance use, it becomes easier to stay sober. Inpatient programs help cut the ties that keep people chained to drugs and alcohol.

Safety and Security

Connection is a vital aspect of recovery, hence the importance of support groups. The single best way to ensure long-term success in recovery is to constantly surround yourself with other sober people. Luxury inpatient rehab centers are equipped with staff, patients, and alumni that will all be there for you throughout your journey. They’ll also understand exactly what you are going through.

More often than not, many staff members themselves are in recovery or have a loved one in recovery – so virtually everyone at a rehab center can support you. You will be able to develop relationships and bonds that are so unique you can’t find them anywhere else.

Zero Outside Distractions

Recovery is a full-time, life-long task – which means you have to commit to it 100% of the time. In order to do so, you need to remove yourself from outside distractions so you can focus on yourself. Whether it’s drama at home or a struggling relationship, inpatient treatment centers will remove the noise and stress from your life so you can focus on your recovery. Although it may not be easy being away from family, friends, and work, your participation in rehab will be more than worth it.

Find a Luxury Inpatient Rehab Center Near You

There are a ton of benefits you can gain from going to an inpatient luxury rehab facility. Between the upscale living, relaxing environment, and top-of-the-line care, you will know that you and your recovery are in the best hands.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t let yourself suffer any longer. Pick up the phone and contact one of our dedicated treatment providers today to find a luxury addiction treatment center near you.