Helping a Loved One Go to Rehab

Oftentimes, people with addiction or alcoholism will continue their negative behaviors until some external force steps in. Still, when confronted by family members, many addicts and alcoholics will become angry and defensive. Plus, addiction affects the entire family, so emotions will run high and family members may be left feeling helpless.

Loved ones of addicts and alcoholics may even begin acting out in unhealthy behaviors themselves while trying to cope with the effects of addiction. This makes confronting an addicted loved one even more difficult without professional help.

If you’re unsure where to turn to help for your family member or friend, speaking with an addiction specialist about staging an intervention can help. Interventions are a process where a specialist will come meet with your family before speaking to your loved one. This way, a professional can gain a better understanding of your family’s needs and situation.

At Rehab Luxury, we know that convincing a loved one to go to rehab isn’t an easy task. We also know how taxing the entire situation is on everyone involved. That’s why our intervention specialists are dedicated to connecting your entire family with the help and care they need.

Staging an intervention is an important step that can help combat denial and encourage your loved one to seek help. However, interventions should never be done without the preparation and guidance of a trained addiction specialist.

The Goal of Staging an Intervention

The immediate goal of an intervention is to convince your addicted friend or family member to go to treatment. However, at Rehab Luxury, we believe that recovery from addiction involves more than going to rehab. That’s why our overall goal is to connect you and your loved ones with the resources you need to live a happy, fulfilling life without the pain of addiction.

Our trusted addiction professionals are dedicated to providing you and your family with everything you need to help your loved one and yourselves. It all starts with making the first phone call and asking for help.

How Interventions Work

Once families have decided it’s time to stage an intervention, the first step they should take is to contact an addiction specialist. People who are trained in interventions can help you prepare your statements, discuss the intervention, and set up a treatment plan for your loved one. They will also help your group pick the right time and place to host the intervention.

During the intervention, group members will express their concerns, set their boundaries, and discuss what consequences will occur if their loved one refuses to get help. Addiction interventions help enforce healthy boundaries between the addicted individual and their loved ones so that nobody is enabling the person’s addiction. Boundaries are a vital part of any successful intervention.

Throughout the process, the interventionist will act as a mediator between group members. They will act in the best interest of the individual struggling with addiction as well as the family members. In addition, intervention specialists ensure that the process moves along productively and calmly, ensuring the best possible outcome.

In the end, the hope is that your loved one will accept treatment. If so, they should be taken to the treatment facility as soon as possible. If they refuse treatment, the family should enforce their boundaries and continue following up with the addiction specialist who helped host the intervention.

Find Intervention Resources Near You

Staging an addiction intervention is an overwhelming and confusing process. Interventions themselves can be emotional and difficult without the help of a professional. By finding professional help, you can make sure the intervention process moves along effectively and smoothly so that your loved one can find the help they deserve. Fortunately, there are drug and alcohol intervention resources available nationwide that can help you and your family.

If you have a loved one who simply won’t admit they have a problem, it’s time to consider an intervention. Delaying getting help is dangerous and it will only make the problem worse. Don’t wait any longer. Contact one of our addiction intervention professionals today to find a luxury addiction treatment center.