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Drug abuse is a crippling problem in the U.S. currently. In 2017 alone, 11.2% of people aged 12 and older used illicit drugs. Are you part of this statistic, and are looking for a luxury drug rehab near me? 

We here at Rehab Luxury will walk you through the top tips for discovering the right luxury drug treatment center for you. Read on to explore why you should choose a luxury rehab near me, and how to pick the right one for you. 

What Is a Luxury Drug Rehab Center? 

Are you wondering how to search for a luxury rehab near me? Before diving into this, it’s important to understand what a luxury drug and alcohol rehab center is. 

When you think about a luxury rehab center, you might automatically think of a location for those who are well-connected or wealthy. Some will offer a 5-star experience that’s similar to a hotel or other retreat. 

While you might not imagine a place that has private rooms, gyms, pools, etc, you might be surprised to learn that they do exist. You might wonder if a luxury rehab center is worth it for you, or if you should go with standard treatment. 

Traditional Facilities

When searching for how to find a luxury rehab, if you instead choose a traditional facility instead of a luxury location, this is for those on a budget who still need treatment. At a traditional facility, you might notice a higher staff-to-client ratio, which means the care you receive is less personalized. 

While they offer treatment, you might not have that resort or spa-like environment you’re looking for. 

The Many Benefits of a Luxury Rehab Center

Are you wondering whether a luxury rehab is worth the cost? Well, some services can only be found at a luxury rehab. 

Some examples can be:

  • Pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Delicious meals
  • Exercise options
  • Private rooms

While you’re in recovery, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed. Some treatment facilities will even offer you personalized treatment plans that are right for you. 

Picking a Quality Luxury Rehab

When choosing a luxury rehab center, you’ll want to first find out what treatment options they have. What benefits do they have that will help you in your recovery? 

Choose a location by you that has plenty of benefits and amenities. For example, if you struggle with maintaining a healthy diet, consider a location that will help you with nutrition support. 

1. Nice Accommodations

How are the accommodations at the locations you’re considering? Find out whether you’ll have your own room that’s comfortable, plus delicious food. Even if it’s a luxury facility, the accommodations can vary from location to location. 

2. Reputation

Make sure that the location you’re considering has a strong reputation. How is the facility, is it clean? Ask them for their numbers as far as their recovery rate. 

3. What Recreational Therapies Are Available? 

Many luxury facilities will offer a variety of therapy options such as horseback riding, picnics, art, or music therapy. This is also a great way to build friendships and be supportive of those who might be experiencing the same struggles. 

4. How Long Is the Program? 

When you’re online searching for a luxury drug rehab near me, you’ll want to know how long the program is. While you might be tempted to choose a short program, every person’s needs are different. 

It might also be opposite where it’s a long program, and maybe you’d prefer something a bit shorter. 

5. Give Them a Call

When you’ve narrowed down your options for a facility, it’s a good idea to check out the facility before choosing it. How is the staff who answered the phone? Were they friendly and warm? 

While you’re on the phone with them, ask when you can take a tour of the facility. Also, ask them what they offer as far as post-treatment recovery support

6. Types of Programs

Check out the types of programs available at the facilities you’re considering. Each treatment facility’s program will range in intensity. 

Some programs can be rehabilitation and outpatient, others are residential or inpatient. Determine what level of care is right for you before deciding on a facility. 

7. Expertise

Ask for the credentials of their staff. Ensure that they’re trained and licensed, especially in the care that you’re looking for. While a luxury facility is important, if they don’t have the medical expertise to back it up, you’ll want to look elsewhere. 

You’ll want to ensure that they’re dedicated to your treatment and care for the long-term. 

8. Relaxed Environment

If you’re looking for a luxury addiction rehab near you, make sure that you like the environment. What is the environment like? If you enjoy nature, will you be surrounded by it? 

Being in a relaxed environment where you can remain calm during therapy is vital. Whether it’s the mountains or a beach, the setting can help play in a role in your recovery. 

9. Insurance Accepted

Find out if the luxury rehab you’re considering accepts your insurance. Also, find out how much your insurance will cover, and how much would be out-of-pocket. 

10. Peer Support

If you’re more extroverted and are looking to have peer support, find out the level of support the luxury rehab has. While your care is personalized to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t lean on others for support. 

Addiction is hard, and the last thing you’ll want to feel is that you’re going through it alone. At a luxury rehab center, you’ll get to speak to others who are currently fighting through their struggles as well. 

Finding a Luxury Rehab Near Me

Finding a luxury rehab near me might seem like work, but it’s important to narrow it down to find the perfect environment for you. 

Are you ready to find the right luxury drug treatment rehab? One that offers personalized care in a relaxed environment? Find out more about our Rehab Luxury treatment programs and contact us today

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Dr Ashley Murray obtained her MBBCh Cum Laude in 2016. She currently practices in the public domain in South Africa. She has an interest in medical writing and has a keen interest in evidence-based medicine.

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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